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Thread: Rosetta Stone Spanish I & Ii

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    I'm looking for the Rosetta Stone Spanish language course, does anyone have it or know where to find it? Also, where is the best place/ what is the best method for finding full software? I'm willing and happy to trade!

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    Wasnt Rosetta stone found in Egypt and its written in Greek, Demonic chartacter and one more language. Is this what you are looking for.

    We need more info.

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    Rizza, your best option hands down is Isohunt bittorrent. I'll assume you know how to use that. If you don't, you can look it up it's pretty simple. You can download the full rosetta stone language software using torrent. It will be an image file, which is weird, but all you have to do is "Record to CD" using easy cd creator or whatever you have, and it will extract onto a cd. Alternatively, you can use alcohol 120% to extract it directly onto your hard drive, but in my experience, burning is easier. That is the individual language program, then you need the Install CD, which most people don't know. It's approx. 200mb file and you download and install it directly onto your computer, using IsoHunt as well (there are other options, eg. mininova, but IsoHunt is superior). That allows your computer to read the files for the particular language. So install the program and pop in the language cd and you are all set. Good luck.


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