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Thread: Stupid Question

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    just out of curiosity, about what % of the whole kazaa network's music files are bullshit? Its hard to find freaking songs that wont deafen you

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    I have never gotten one of these songs. I guess it's a matter of what kind of music you download. Some of my friends have had very hard times finding good copies of rap, hip-hop, and pop music, but other genres don't seem to be as saturated with fakes.

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of music (genre) are you having trouble with?

    Also, most of the fakes are the poor quality 128k bit rate mp3's. I only download 192k bit rate files or better so maybe that's why I havn't had any problems.

    You could always use eMule, but that's best to download whole albums at a time, it's not so good for smaller files like single songs.

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    The only times I've had issues with that its been Chart music.

    More alternative stuff doesn't seem to have any....

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    i always get this , doesnt matter if its a new popular or very old song , most of the time there fakes or have that really loud screech.

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    I have no idea since I dont use Kazaa Lite.

    Now go back to where you belong


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