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Thread: The End Of Kazaa

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    Kazaa in court this week - Posted on 2004-02-09 by 7thElement
    newcster68 submitted:

    It could all be over soon for the file sharing network Kazaa, which had its offices raided last week and whose executives will appear in court this week. Investigators raided Kazaa's Sydney office last Friday, collecting evidence about copyright infringement that will be presented in a Sydney court on tommorrow (Tuesday).

    this was in the news section ....what affect will this have on kazaa/klite users and just sharing alike?

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    where is the link to the artical

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    Firefox, this was on this forum - see HERE

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    this does not effect the fasttrack network or kazaa if sharman goes out, it only means that there will not be any new ad/spyware infested versions of kazaa, as long as us users use it and share we are good to go


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