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Thread: Israeli Military Secrets Posted On Web

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    The URL's still a secret, though

    AN ISRAELI TV station reported last night that secret documents relating to the stateís arsenal of 'special arms' have been posted on the web.
    Roy Livneh, a spinner at Saifun Semiconductors Ltd said on the privately-owned Channel 10 on Sunday night that heíd obtained access to the documentation 'easily' before alerting the police to their existence.

    We canít post the LíINQ, however, for fear of getting our doors kicked down. Besides, we donít know it.

    Livneh said the documents "deal with special arms, which got Mordechai Vanunu 18 years in prison." Vanunu, is the whistle-blower who fed the Sunday Times details of his experience working at the Dimona nuclear facility in southern Israel, thereby earning himself an 18-year sentence in 1986 for exposing Israelís nuclear capability to the world. He's due to be released within weeks.

    Israel has never officially confirmed that it possesses nukes, although foreign estimates suggest the Jewish state is in possession of around 200 warheads.

    Livneh suggested the documents leaked on to the web may have been placed on a personal website by an Israeli military official, believing them to be secure.

    The military has opened an inquiry into the matter. Livneh's phone was ringing off the hook when we called it earlier. We guess he's busy.


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    Nice News release Shareholder but nothing against you but whats the use of having this section for (which I know was here first) If they have the news release section on the main front page? Seems like a double standard to me..

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    we can discuss it here, thats what a forum is for.

    Why not have the news on the front page be links to World News & Events threads?

    btw sharedholder, interesting story.
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