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Thread: Emule Lsd Mod

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    If you work without IE 6.0 above, this mod may help you.
    It is more stabler mod.

    eMule 0.30e-LSD13h (2004/02/05):
    -Updated to Pawcio BC 4.13
    -updated sockets v2
    -Added Skins Profiles
    -Added Releasewnd
    -Updated Read Mod String.
    -Some source updates from 41b.


    eMule 0.41b29-LSD16b (2004/02/02):
    -Moving to new Kernel 41b29
    -Modifed SLS,Rare Cunks, Slots, XS, tweak values...
    -Added Fake Chakes.
    -Fixed LIve Updates Fakecheck&Ipfilter
    -Bin Include Fakes v141 ipfilter v18
    -Msg icon in Sharedfiles.
    -Other Minifixes.
    -Better Display Mod Versions, including Tarod, Old Plus, etc..
    -Src include All needed src Libs.
    -Fixed Drop FullQ.


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    Offical LSD Website
    eMule-LSD main features:
    - Manual Save/Load Sources based on enkeyDEV SLS
    - Can Drop manual/auto (with limits) (downloading sources) with this status NNS/FULLQ/ASK/TooMany/Connecting
    - Search VLC button on registry.
    - Edit Name Server.
    - Filedetail compression.
    - Maella Defeat 0-fillers.
    - Live Update Fakes/IPfilter.
    - Slugfiller modID statisc.
    - Fix sorts in some dlg.
    - Identifiy mod generic string and display in list also specific mod id.
    - Added extra columns info in some lists.
    - Push Rare And Small Files (tarod).
    - Disable auto-sort.
    - New Priority Level (Yery High/Release) and can use old version.
    - QueueSize 2000-100.000
    - Disable ipfilter msg.
    - Tab minsize reduced to 15.
    - Users requesting files (very high/release) get into queue if it is full.
    - Can change UDP value, 20-120 default in kademelia is 50, in emule 100.
    - Can change max. Soft value, 100-3000 (and never more than max hard) in kademelia is 500, in emule 1000.
    - 5 main buttons for actions in all files.
    - Show system icon on dl_list (NoamSon)
    - Correct filesize calculation in BarShaders Upload/Download client. for ending blocks or files with less than 9mb.
    - Manual Ask Server for new Sources.
    - Manual Set XS Answer Timeout (2 * CONNECTION_LATENCY + ::GetTickCount() - SOURCECLIENTREASK ) this cause 44sec delay min between manual asks.
    - emule-multi.bat or executing emule.exe -multi allow multiple instances.
    - edonkey hybryd display version number fixed.
    - In pref_mod displays limits and defaults in statics (min<max) (def), in disabled boxes too.
    - Min is default emule value.
    - In dl-list client barshader, colors are inversed green/orange and shows wich block are downloading.

    Extra columns are in this list:

    #define M_DOWNLOADCOL 13+1 //[milobac: FakeCheck]
    #define M_UPLOADCOL 8+2 //LSD /modver/UP-DL/
    #define M_QUEUECOL 10+4 //LSD /modver/UP-DL/Hash/Push RF/
    #define M_SEARCHCOL 11+1 //[milobac: FakeCheck]
    #define M_SHAREDCOL 13+2 //LSD /Push RF/Push SF
    #define M_CLIENTCOL 8+2 //LSD /speed/filename/

    Dl_List transferred/client shows total credits up/dl in mb.
    Client_List File Col shows - if user is uploading or + if downloading list from your.
    In all softversion col shows mod subversion.

    For compiling need this extra libs:

    /srchybrid <-emule folder
    /srchybrid/CxImage (compiling this too)

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    dont bother... this mod is bad for the network and i believe get banned.

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    Originally posted by thisiswhoweare@10 February 2004 - 19:35
    dont bother... this mod is bad for the network and i believe get banned.
    Maybe you guess : Is it leecher mod??
    It isn&#39;t leecher. Only there are some arguments between Morph Team with LSD team. More precision, it is a war between German game with Spanish game.
    In fact, LSD mod is better mod than MorphXT mod. This is why morph team add lots functions of LSD mod to their mod. Because it is good and it is more efficient.
    There are many local verion based on LSD mod belonged to lots countries.
    I have both sides&#39; source codes. The truth is that some menbers of Morph team are thief and liar. They even want to destory the whole FastTrack network by spreading virus. They have done this recenty. Morph team also create lots leecher and antiEdonkey mods. Fox example, Aldo mod.

    If you are affraid of banned, just turn off "Reask Function".

    And give you advise, Don&#39;t trust the leecher list they pin on Emule Offical forum.
    Most of them are not leechers.

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    never said it was a leecher mod


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