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    Originally posted by MagicNakor@5 March 2003 - 22:36
    Your score is on a little box on the right-hand side when you're on the Servers screen.

    And yes, if you UL score is good then you will eventually download at faster speeds.
    If you mean your id, that is not your score.
    IP = A.B.C.D

    ID = A + B*256 + C*256^2 + D*256^3

    If you have a slow connection, you get a different ID.

    Your credit is kept on other people's computers. So if u upload to them
    they give you credit (hopefully). People you dl to, you give credit. There
    is a queue score, which goes up by several factors. One is the rating of the
    file on there system, the amount of time you have been in the queue, and
    credit. So technically you can't calculate any of this, because some don't
    follow the same procedure.

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    I'm pretty sure he wanted to see his id, but used the word score.

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