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    i have recently been downloading game files on kazaa and have been wondering why there are so many cd files with so many errors on. sometimes it's almost imposible to get a working file. why are so many bad files whats the point of putting them on there. sometimes you can fix the problem with cdmage but not always even verified don't always work. Has anybody else noticed this?

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    ummm most verifies work.... damaged cd files... yea i noticed that alot... well in non verified downloads.... well people don't test out the file after they zip it or like Contract up the file..... errr... u get the point... and they share it, so in a way they are innocent and just trying to help...

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    Yes noticed it. Sometimes the cd image has errors that can't be repaired and usually redownloading works, but not always.

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    Hell...I downloaded Battlefield 1942 CD 2 7 TIMES befor I got a working file ...but that was an extreme case of bad luck...usually I get good files on 1st or 2nd dl

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    I downloaded Medal of honor allied assault and it downloaded the 2nd cd, while the other one wound up being only

    Oh well, time to try it agian.

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    Usually the solution can be to just download the game on eDonkey from ShareReactor... I've never had an unrepairable image from there.

    Too bad the fasttrack network isn't much on games yet... they aren't very easy to find, sources are low and there's a big chance of the file being corrupt...

    I know that many people are not going to like what i say right now, but i REALLY think that whoever's making the verified movie database should ditch it at least until there's a decent game database for FastTrack... i mean, there's already and besides, it's only too easy to find a movie on FastTrack if you do a proper search.


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