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    I downloaded and installed a plug in for winamp "deed", which turned out to bugger up my settings for base and treble, its a long story from here. Basically my sound card is no longer working, I have installed the audigy drivers from the cd to no avail, and downloaded the latest drivers from the web and installed them to no avail. So what i want is a complete clean as my pc doesnt even recognise the sound card, ive tried uninstalling all the items in device manager to no avail...any ideas?

    also when i shut down my pc i get the "program now ending" message, which can happen rarely i understand in all pc's, however this happens with every shut down on my pc, i think it has something to do with time out values, or decreasing the shut down time......any ideas on this one....

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    Search for a virus, or maybe ad aware's in your pc.

    I use Ad-Aware 6.0, which you can find a free download at

    Either that or try reinstalling winamp or something. Any audio codecs that you are using might mess it up?


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