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Thread: Cpu Display Speeds Wrong

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    I've just recently purchased a new PC a AMD 2200+,
    Now in BIOS is recognises the pc as 2200+ speed but in windows it only shows as 856Mhz anyone got any ideras as to why?


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    does it feel like its a 856mhz cpu ? run some benchmark and if it still shows up as 856mhz then start searching on google. if it show up as a 2200, then i wouldnt worry about it.

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    maybe u didnt set the multiplier jumpers correctly

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    No it doesn't feel like a 856Mhz machine at all but it's very annoying that windows decides it is one lol.
    The pc was pre-built so there was nothing to set up inside it.

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    hmm.. just been checking it over with AIDI 32..
    it see's the processor under the option 'Computer' as the following

    Processor Properties
    Manufacturer AMD
    Version 2200+
    External Clock 100 MHz
    Current Clock 850 MHz
    Type Central Processor
    Voltage 3.3 V, 2.9 V
    Status Enabled
    Upgrade Slot 1
    Socket Designation Slot-1

    But see's it under the 'motherboard' CPU as the following.

    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Mobile AMD Duron 4, 850 MHz (2.5 x 340)
    CPU Alias Morgan
    CPU Stepping A0
    L1 Code Cache 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache 64 KB
    L2 Cache 64 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

    CPU Physical Info
    Package Type 453 Pin CPGA
    Package Size 4.57 cm x 4.57 cm
    Transistors 25.2 million
    Process Technology 6Mi, 0.18 um, CMOS, Cu
    Die Size 106 mm2
    Core Voltage 1.5 V
    I/O Voltage 1.6 V
    Maximum Power 25 W (depending on clock speed)

    CPU Manufacturer
    Company Name Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Product Information,30_118,00.html

    CPU Utilization
    CPU #1 7 %

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    go into the bios and make sure the multiplier settings are correct. the FSB should read 133 i think and the multiplier 13 or 13.5, ill go look it up and post back.

    ...ok i checked and the multiplier should be set to 13.5. BUT i think the problem is most likely the FSB, i think it may have been set to 66mhz instead of 133 which it should be, that would result in the cpu running at 891 mhz instead of 1795 like it should be.

    so check the FSB and make sure it reads 133mhz and that teh multiplier is 13.5

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    hmm.. is there two setup screens or something cause I hit 'del' after re-booting and I got amibious (sp?) simple set-up, but I've searched everywhere and it's got nothing on FSB or anything else related to oc'ing/ voltages.

    grr.. I should have stuck with p4.

    this is Cyonic, soz bout the name change.

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    my motherboard doesnt have overclocking related stuff either, all it has is the front side bus (FSB) which can be found in cpu pnp setup in my bios (they are also ami bios) it says front side bus 100 or 133 and i select 133, but also check your motherboard manual if you got one for the jumper to select the fsb beucase i had to do that on mine to get the bios setting to actually be changeable.

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    Isnt the 2200+ set at 1850Mhz usually?

    Just sounds like a bad reading to me.

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    who cares what windows thinks?? just go on without windows reading it/you caring...

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