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Thread: Good Slow Instrumental Songs

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    a well
    Opeth - Silhouette

    Actually it gets kinda fast but hey, it's all piano. B)

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    I recommend the following:

    The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
    Anything by Vangelis
    Brian Eno is a really good artist for ambient stuff. His album "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks" is stunning.
    and the Still album by Nine Inch Nails has some beautiful instrumental tracks on it.

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    Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place (Anything off the fragile really, ots all kinda orchestral)

    The Heart Asks Pleasure First- Michael Nyman (And anything off the Piano soundtrack)

    The whole Lord of the Rings Soundtrack....especially Emiliana Torrini- Gollums Song

    The Diva Dance- The Fifth Element Soundtrack (vocals, but its all synthesized)

    Llorando- Mulholland Drive soundtrack (its only vocals. But trust me- its worth it)

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    bittersweet symphony- verve

    moby has some good stuff 2

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