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Thread: Movie File Type Problem

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    Recently I've come across some files with a format I've never seen before, with the main ones being .vob files, but also there is .ifo and .bup files with them. How would I view this?

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    its dvd rip
    you could try videolan or power dvd

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    whoah great thanx! btw if it's a dvd rip could I burn it svcd style and watch it on my dvd player?

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    by dvd rip I mean ripped the files from a dvd, the vob files
    not like dvdrip x-vid or divx encode you would have to encode it to avi, then tmpegenc it
    well thats how I would do it, maybe there is a easier way

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    simple and free
    needs to be configed right out of the box though


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