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Thread: Games, Expect Better

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    dunno about u guys but a lot of new games i've downloaded were kinda disappointing. like simcity4 and generals . is it just me or these games seems sorta unfinished and rushing out? gameplay isn't as fun as the pervious versions of these game. well that's just me. what do u guys think?

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    I definitely agree about SimCity 4. I was so excited about this game, having played the previous games for over 10 years. There was so much missing from this version. I will admit some of the features are cool, but everything is so expensive! I still haven't been able get a successful city running for more than a few years.

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    Totally agree,
    in SimCity, for example, I used to play 2000 like crazy, I loved that game...then 3000 came out....lot's of nice features, but not as fun as 2000, and now 4000 has tons of new features and cool grafics, but it simply isn't fun Tho Generals is pretty cool, even if it does feel rushed....and Age of Mythology is also not as fun as AOE 2 and AOE 1 (good ol' days )...I could go on and on....

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    i dissagree with you on C&C Generals. i think its the best C&C game yet! the better graphics, and new engine makes the game run alot smoother!

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    Yeah, SimCity 4 sucked compared to my expectations... I'd rather play 3000.

    As for really disappointing games, I'd say the original Heroes IV was... a lot... but with the 2 new expansions and several paches it's kind of ok (much better balance, doesn't freeze your comp anymore, more normal heroes)... still no random map generator though

    The NHL series is also getting worse every year... I've never had as much fun playing any NHL game as i did NHL 97 or even 98...

    The new Cossacks expansion (Back to War) was also not too great... i mean, the first one (The Art of War) had a few major new features (cavalry formations, menu items, a whole new ship system and a map editor)as well as many minor ones. This expansion though didn't have anything new as far as i'm concerned...

    Many more disappointing games that i can't care to list... but i do agree with you (if that's what you were trying to say) - game companies are aiming towards graphics rather than gameplay these days and it makes for some horrible games/sequels.

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    I'd agree with generals , having been a fan of the red alert series generals was quite crap in comparison , generals has better graphics but sod all storyline and like you sed it jus seemed rushed dissapointing

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    yeah good old times like:

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    Originally posted by emir@8 March 2003 - 04:01
    yeah good old times like:

    but there are some good games out there though.

    splinter cell is good, hitman 2, or unreal 2.

    but like u said, nothing like the orignals: diablo, starcraft, warcraft, Red Alert.


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    I completely agree it's not only the quality of the gameplay on current games that's less, but alot of them are also being rushed to release with alot more bugs. Especially some of the games by the bigger publishers and companies.
    I think that's some of the reason why we get so many questions regarding crashing to desktop problems and others.

    Every now and again, a good quality game comes out, though. So it's still worth downloading and trying to get them.

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    When i first played to generals, i was a little bit disappointed, i've been trying to dl it for weeks, and the result is that i don't play to this game anymor.. i prefer red alert 2...........

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