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Thread: Games, Expect Better

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    hey if you want all the games that used to be on floppys go here

    This is where i used to go for alot of games before i found p2p sharing and i have to admit alot of the games here brought me back to the "day" . This site really rocks i think you'll all like it.

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    ive tried that site it sucks, im on broadband and the fastest speed ive seen is 3KBs of the servers, you arnet allowed to use accelorators and i had to switch norton firewall off as well. so it was going to take me 45mintes to download a floppy disk, whats the point of this when i can download a brand new game on an iso .bin in under 3hours. bottom like the underdog site is crap and i wont be visiting it again.

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    your missing the whole point there with underdogs , there about old CRAPPY games not new relaese , in fact that site is operating legally unlike all the other warez cites that hit you with 20 porn adds all at the same time , i can't for the record think of ANY other web cite that lets you download games that has been up and running for the past 4 years.i suppose i should have told you first that if you want GTA 3 then underdogs isnt the place to go , but for instance if you wanted orgeon trail or kings quest then there's the place too look , awww is 45 mintues too long? here are some ideas to make that time go by faster .
    1. start dowloading and take a dump
    2. decide what you want to download before you go to bed and download it while you sleep
    3.Watch a tv and download it while watching the tv show
    4 (shocker here ) read a book while you download .
    5. (the unthinkable ) start downloading it and go for a WALK .

    bla bla bla you hate the underdogs site bla bla bla i hate all the games you like and the cites you also like too , they suck bla bla bla.

    arrrg if parrots could spit on people polly would have you covered!

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    davey, your a prick do you know that, i know they are for retro games but why tf should i wait 45minutes for a 1.5 meg game to download of a webserver when i can get .iso quicker than that on emule, and im sure with all the p2p filesharing proggys out there, it will be possible to get them at 130KBs which is what i download at now.

    also old games are good but not that bloody good, you must be on dial up and never used broadband before, i can remember waiting 45 minutes for an mp3 to download and a week for a decent game, but i dont pay 35 a month for cable, to sit waiting for a retro game from a shit site, if they were so bloody good they would be on fast servers with good download speeds.

    i agree with you on ware* sites, they are crap and thats why i dont use them, i use newsgroups, and other p2p proggys and get very fast speeds of these.

    also quake is a retro game now and only 22meg, i got that in under 5 minutes of kazaa, if that underdog site had it then it would take me a day.

    and by the way, yes i do read books and go for walks, i bet ive read more books and played more retro games than youve had hot dinners.

    sorry ppl, but this prick just pissed me off, mods if you want to delete this post be my guest, i just had to make a point.

    and you even said it yourself, you used to use it before you discovered p2p, everyone thats a member of this forum has already discovered p2p, so why would they want to go to that site in the first place.

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    arrrrrrg (pulls out his cutlass )

    Excuse me if i'm not the pampered little barncle that you are .I take offense to your badmouthing of a great gaming site , that web site is the only place you can really find the great classics of the olden days, there are THOUSANDS of games on there (4 thousand) and many of them are rich in quality ! Just because you can get a fast ISO game off of kazza or emule with faster graphics in no WAY makes the game "better" . I'm not badmouthing ALL new games , but these days they just dont put alot of thought into them .As for the speeds if you had bothered to read ANYTHING about the cite you would know that the person who desgined it pays for it out of her own pocket to keep it running (its also nice that they don't charge people anything for downloading or even reading the reviews like SOME web cites). The reason the speed is low is too keep costs down because more bandwith='s more money. I'm sorry but i've had broad band forever now as well and yes i also used to have 56k but at least in the transtion between cable and broad band i didn't lose my sense of patience , you sound like a little snot who wants it "NOW NOW NOW" or else its no good. don't blame me if it seems like i'm an ass to you , read your orginal post and ask yourself " could i have critcized in a more civilized polite manner?"arrrg if you show no manners none shall be shown to you.

    *polly flys over you and poops on you* har har har.

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    what do you mean manners, i just made a point that the site was crap, which it is, you like it fair enough im not telling you to boycot the thing but i think ppl have a right to know the downside to the site as well as you advertising it all the time.

    and have you got a fetish for parrots or something, because it sure as hell seems like it.

    and if you had read my post earlier in this thread, you would know that i like games the way they used to be as well, sensible soccer and cannon fodder, also lemmings and manic miner as well to name but a few, but that doesnt mean i want to wait for ages to play them and i bet most are readily available on kazaa or other p2p proggys at faster rates as well.

    and wow she doesnt charge, lets give her a medal eh, the fact that i didnt couldnt have my firewall on for 45 minutes while i downloaded a game was what got to me, sorry but i dont like my firewall turned of while i am surfing the net, especially while im downloading something from a website.

    lets just agree to disagree, and stop getting your fu**ing parrot to do your dirty work, wtf are you a pirate.

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    yes i am a pirate and yes let us agree to disagree, how ever in light of the fact that many thousand of people do like home of the underdogs i'm going to have to disagree with you and say you have no taste because its not crap .

    As for shutting down your fire wall i can't imgine why that would be the end of the world . It's not like your going to get hacked the very SECOND you let your wall down.

    But once again that's where we disagree so i'll leave it at that.

    (puts the cutlass away and strokes his parrot ) arrrg there there polly take no heed of him.

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    ok this is my last post on this, as im not going to get into a slanging match with you davey. As for your point on the firewall it wasnt going to just be for a second it was for the whole download, so if thats 45minutes a lot can happen in 45 minutes on the net, so i dont think im being to paranoid rather just cautious, also if you do manage to get a decent game that comes on 11 disks, beneath a steel sky say, then thats going to be over 3 hours at least without a firewall.

    I would rather get the mame emulator with a lot roms of bittorrent, as you can get over 6gig of retro games for that and im sure a large percentage of those will be on the underdog site.

    OK PPl, im going to bed and i promise not to reply to anything else on this thread as its turning out to be spam not constructive posts, so im just going to leave it as that.

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    I agree with the one
    AOM suck
    It very boring
    I bought that game for $60 bucks. And then later, I had that same
    game on warez.
    It was a total pain in the ass.
    I gave that game to my little cousin the second day I bought it.

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    xenon anyone ?

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