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Thread: Anime Formats

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    Well it used to be a lot of divx and xvid but now there doing ogm, where the heck did this codec come from?

    Does bsplayer play it?

    DO you need any special codec to play it?

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    OGM - Ogg media. It's a video format that allows multiple/switchable audio/subtitle streams. The video still uses divx/xvid but the audio is ogg vorbis. It does not matter what player you're using but the ogg vorbis codec must be installed to hear or select whatever language(s)/subtitle(s) are available. I'm sure you already have divx and xvid installed.

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    just install the k-lite codec pack and then bs player will be able read it. If you want to swich audio streams or enable subtitles or choose what language you want the subs to be in then you need to right click on the little icon in the system tray and all the options should be there.

    Many anime groups are using this format with their DVD rips becuase its lets people decide how they want their anime (eng sub or eng dub or whatever). I also got a series that had the director's commentary on one of the audio streams.

    So far all of he new shows (currently aring) still use .avi with either xvid or divx.


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