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Thread: Suprnova

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    :helpsmile: I'm having trouble with suprnova website, if i go to I get nothing but a blank page, if I go to The page loads but when I click on "music" or any other link I only get like half the page if that. Just wondering if I'm the only one. If not any suggestions would be much appreciated

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    Try this...

    *Also, the format has changed recently because there's so many torrents. So when you click on a certain section of the site it'll give you links. ie, click movies and it'll give you a list of subsections like Action, Adventure, horror etc.

    There seems to be a bug though. Once you've clicked on a subsection like Action, you can't go directly to say, horror. You've got to hit the top "movies" link to refresh the option.

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    there's nothing wrong with've just simplified the display only

    like VaVaVoom, i also have the same prob...but then again, i'm using opera to view it...and i dun find any prob if i use IE to browse suprnova
    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all


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