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Thread: For Valentines Day

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    Even though I hate the Holiday and think it is just something Women thought of to get Gifts.

    But if any of you liked the Ultra-Lounge series by Rhino Records(and I know a few of you do ) then check these 3 Albums out.They just came out late last Month.

    "Love Is Coming Back" - Wonderland Love Stories, Chapter One.....

    "Chapter One of Love Stories is entitled "Love Is Coming Back." Newly popular again – love is regaining its place in the world. Featuring an incredible collection of vocalists including Linda Ronstadt, Peter Cincotti, Laura Nyro and Rosemary Clooney, this 16 track CD is a celebration of the good things love brings."

    "Good Morning Heartache" - Wonderland Love Stories, Chapter Two.....

    "Chapter Two of Love Stories is entitled "Good Morning Heartache." Featuring all-time greats such as Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee, this 16-track CD is an exploration of the downside of love—when love goes bad."

    "Something Warm, Something Cool" - Wonderland Love Stories, Chapter Three.....

    "Chapter Three of Love Stories, "Something Warm, Something Cool," offers a bit of a twist. The 16-track jazz-influenced chapter in Love Stories is a bit different from the others in that it brings both aspects of love—the ups and the downs—together, in songs interpreted by some of the great jazz singers, such as Patti Austin, Chet Baker, Shirley Horn and Billie Holiday."

    Post some other Cool Valentine Albums or Compilations.

    Ohhhhh a question for CrumbCat.Do you have the Wonderland Christmas Set made by the same People.You would be the one person that would.Or know somebody that might have it.


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    :helpsmile: some times FC u scare the living crap out of me :helpsmile:

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    Originally posted by FuNkY CaPrIcOrN@11 February 2004 - 05:24

    Ohhhhh a question for CrumbCat.Do you have the Wonderland Christmas Set made by the same People.You would be the one person that would.Or know somebody that might have it.

    I have it on CDR somewhere here........finding it is the problem - over 300 CDRs to choose from.



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    a well
    I'm giving me girlfriend a copy of Boyz II Mens "II" cd.

    She lost the cd so I thought ide be nice and make a replacement complete with a conterfeit label. B)

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    lol, als i need is wine and some barry white

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    The Back To Love series, on the Hed Kandi label. B)

    Kind of old classic dance/disco/house stuff including Right Before My Eyes, All This Love That I'm Giving, I Believe In Miracles, Don't Let Love Get You Down, Let No Man Put Asunder, Too Blind To See It - seriously good stuff, trust me, especially if you're old enough to remember them originally.

    Sharing them in the usual place, except Vol 3 which I'm still on the hunt for...

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    old school
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    Skillian looks good!

    (looking for this one)

    Love Songs For Romantic Punks
    1 » 11/11
    2 » A Promise
    3 » Shades Of Green
    4 » Moralistic
    5 » Big Red
    6 » When You're Down
    7 » I Need Sympathy
    8 » Fame Is
    9 » Orphan
    10 » Quickie
    11 » Lazy
    12 » Trying Too Hard
    13 » Cappie
    14 » Supermarket Line
    15 » Warsux
    16 » Gregsong

    Three-piece Kitsch have been around longer than pretty much every other punk band in New Zealand. Formed away back in '93 and being galvanised during the pop-punk boom of the mid-90s that spawned the now-defunct Muckhole and brought a new level of support to the genre, Kitsch have blazed away relentlessly for almost a decade. The band have played in more places, and to more people, than any NZ punk band around today, with only Sommerset (who in fact supply guest vocals on Love Songs For Romantic Punks) having a comparable level of support.

    In that time, the band have surprisingly only formally released one album (1999's The Way It Was) and one EP (Billy Joel), which only serves to make the release of new full-length, Love Songs For Romantic Punks an even-more anticipated event. Shock Records have stepped in and picked up distribution, as they have with the latest albums from Sommerset and Brubeck, and NZ On Air have jumped on the commercial potential of Kitsch, putting forward $5000 to assist in recording based on the strength of a demo recording of lead single "11/11", as well as a video grant for the same song.

    The groundwork certainly shows in the production and tightness of Love Songs For Romantic Punks, with some polished recording and Kitsch's trademark duck's-arse-tight vocal harmonies that provide the real hook of the music (no-one, but NO-ONE in New Zealand does it better). This is a band that have been together for a long time, and it shows in the flawless performance across the length of the album. No conceit is given to being raw or sloppy, instead the impression is one of focus.

    Stylistically, the music never changes, and every song is sung from first-person perspective. The lack of variation makes the album a little hard to get into, with few obvious melodic hooks this style of pop-punk normally relies on. As such, several listens are required to appreciate the songwriting nuances on display here. It also means that differences like the subdued moments in "Moralistic" and the a capella breaks during "Warsux" stand out from the straight-ahead new school charge that makes up the bulk of the album's 32 minute running time.

    The feeling of "sameness" is offset in places by simply having songs with great melodies. Notable tracks include the aforementioned "11/11", as well as "A Promise" and album closer "Gregsong", which is also one of the longest songs on the CD at the near-epic length of 2 minutes 44 seconds.

    Overall, Love Songs For Romantic Punks may prove to be an important release for the New Zealand scene, with the potential for accumulating a large amount of mainstream attention due to the accessibility of the poppy style the band play. It is definitely a polished, solid album worthy of a place alongside any internationals of similar subgenre, but perhaps there simply aren't enough stand out songs to elevate the album to classic status.

    Kitsch Official Website

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    LOVAGE- Music to make love to your old lady by

    Mike Patton....what else is there to be said?

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    Just throw on any Cellion Dion coz thats how I feel about love


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