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Thread: Challenge For All Students

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    Hi KL users,

    Let's point that I use Kazaa for a long time and quite satisfied with it. But at home it's impossible (very expensive) to download huge files (films for example) but it's possible in university network. I guess you know what I'm going to ask you. I really wanna know the way to overcome that university proxy server. I've tried many things but nothing happens. For example, I've downloaded donkey2002 and http-tunnel and in setting point localhost port 1080 to adress it to http-tunnel. But program still writes UPD port couldn't be opned. In my settings everything is ok.
    So my guestion is how to overcome this, how to activate this port, (I've scanned ports at ip proxy address and only 3 were responded) nothing happens with this ports. but however it didn't find 8080 port but it's the proxy port.

    so, users, help me ... it challenge .... and I'm ready to fight. ... please give me information.

    Thanks everybody in advance!!!!!!!!!!

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    emm here is a chanllenge for you boss.

    "use search" lets see how you do with that challenge

    aha you searched and you found this great job

    hope you learned something here today

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    Thanks VERY much for your help MUSLEMAN!!!

    After half week of trying and trying i find the way.
    It's hopster.

    for you, my dear helper, only 2 questions.

    do you know a crack for this program, or can you offer something which will increase the speed?

    will KZN help me in this way? how to maintain?

    that's all.....THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    lol so far no site of serial or crack for hopster.

    if by kzn you mean kazupernodes

    then here:

    forum Kazupernodes
    good luck boss its real easy

    as far as speed goes with tunneling it becomes slower so not realy anything you can do there


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