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Thread: Uploading Per Day

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    Right now i got 269 users waiting, 6 transfering and 1 banned. I dont want my credit to go down but it seems like users never stop. I am not complaing or anything but doesnt anyone else thinks that Emule uploads a lot more that we actually download from it.

    Anywayz now my question. How much uploading per day should be enough for me to get speed of 200kbps (3mbps my connection speed). I know it also depends on sources,server e.t.c but still.....

    Edit: Thnx

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    You sharing some rare files?

    I tend to have 4000-6000 people queued up. I cant go any higher as it gets very CPU intense from then on. I try to upload as much as I can (as high as the graph in stats is steady) which is up to 14KB (16KB max) but during downloading i have to put it to 10-11 as my overheads are quite big.

    I have a 1:3.20 ratio (UL : DL) so nope i dont think emule uploads more. But im assuming its the case for most people too since DL ability is higher than uploads. (75DL and 10UL).

    UL as much as you can is my answer to your Q. Check your graph and keep upping it till it is a straight line. You can leave it just on 10 but the higher the more credits, so you might as well if you dont need the UL bandwidth.


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