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Thread: Delate Folder

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    hi, i have a folder on my desktop which is called 'programs folder'. as far as i recall this is a shrtcut of the origianl in my c drive. ok, i am having problems trying to remove this from my desktop. i have right clicked on it but only get 2 options - open, and create short cut. i have tried to drag it into the recycle bin but it wont have it. i have dragged it back to its original location but it wont even go there. how can i get rid of it? and how can i confirm that it is a shortcut, i mean the files are the same as the ones in my c drive but there are a few missing in this desktop folder and the icons are slightly different. they are not just plain folder pictures/icons in the folder itself??? :helpsmile: :music1:

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    try highliting it and pressing delete on the keyboard
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    nope, that didnt work, anything else

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    Nope, I have the exact same problem with folders in my computer, I figured out that the only way to fix it is to install win xp sp1 which is has the fix. I never tried it though.
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    i already have the sp1, infact i have anything and everything known to man concerning updates etc from microsoft but of course to no avail&#33;&#33;

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    you should have better luck in softwareworld the mask, good luck

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    cd into the directory and execute a rd/f/s command.

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    can you explain what the above means in english please?

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    can you rename the file?
    click on it and hit F2 then rename to
    something else then delete it


    dowload spybot search and destroy
    under the tools there is a "Secure shredder"
    see if that works


    try safe mode?

    do you have administrator rights?

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    downloaded and tried spybot-no luck, that just removes spyware from my pc, doesnt help in actually removing folders?? unless im using it incorrectly.
    havent tried safe mode as yet but i think thats not giong to work either but i will try it. renamed the folder-no luck

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