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Thread: Email From Emule...

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    is everything.
    Dear eMule User,

    you receive this mail as a registered member of the official eMule board on This is the first newsletter and we do not send
    them on a regular basis but only on rare occasions.
    The reason for writing this mail is we want to bring current problems to your
    attention: A german patent lawyer registered the trademark "eMule" for a dialer
    related company and is now trying to shutdown or takeover major eMule related
    websites. Since many of our developers as well as many webmasters live in
    germany we consider this as a serious threat for the community and development.
    Therefor we deceided to work together with the first attacked website (
    and go to court with the aim to remove this trademark. However beeing a
    non-profit project we need your support to accomplish this.
    Please visist to view more background information, news
    and ways to help us.

    Your eMule Team

    Sounds pretty crappy...

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    US with nukes (its a joke)
    shit this looks bad...... i wouldnt want to be in their shoes right now
    Image Resized

    this is what it looks like to have HIGH ID and not be firewalled

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    What is it with Germans and Dialer programs?

    Most of the sites that try to send you a dialer are German or set up by Germans.

    Just put serial or crackz in to google and they all show up


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