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Thread: Diablo 2 Clonification

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    I made an image of Diablo 2 (lord of destruction cd mind you) with nero, but it will neither let me play it or install it from the burned cd. Can someone help me out?

    P.s. if theres an alternate way to copy the cd PLEASE let me know, this has become to big of a hassle already!

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    you need diablo 2 to play LOD

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    use clonecd. i used it and i can play with my burned cd.

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    also, with clone cd, if you change the regional settings on your comp, you can say that you live in canada and youll get more burn and rip options, plus a "hide cdr media" option which hides the fact that its being played from a cdr.

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    worked when CloneCD would not


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