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Thread: (user Has Been Permanently Banned

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    Every time i try to connect it says "disconnected wait 60 secods" and it naver connects. And then It say " (User has been permanently banned from DamnYou IRC - Intelligentsia IRC (INFECTED-(mIRCSpeedup)))......HELP!!!!!!! :helpsmile:

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    Originally posted by fatmaz@11 February 2004 - 21:20
    this looks like you are running a script that the server/channel doesnt like, or have a virus/trojan run a virus scan. if that isnt it, get rid of the offending script.
    and if neither is the case, try to find the web site of the network you want to connect to for info on what to do.

    thats all i can think of with the given info

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    try a new client
    scan urself with antivirus and get rid of any suspcious software
    trying connecting to a diff port "sometimes works"


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