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Thread: Imesh

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    Is there a spyware-free version of iMesh available? I know the version on the official site includes spyware (the Cydoor program, right?), so that's a big *middle finger* to them.

    Anyhoo, anyone know where to find this? Thanks in advance

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    Why I-Mesh? How about Kazaa Lite? just a suggestion

    P.s. don't know if there is one...

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    There is a lite version of Imesh. Just do a google search for it. But k-lite is a better fasttrack client.

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    The last time I installed IMesh it took me two days to get rid of all the crap that came with it. From spyware to having just about every type of browser on my system modified with stuff I didn't want. You've got more chance of finding a condom machine in the Vatican than seeing me install that again.

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    Im with leech_killer imesh is crap

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    I have installed iMesh twice and both times I had to re-install my Windows after that!!! First time that was probably my fault because I tried to clean my system from its spyware and I "cleaned" something I shouldn't have Last week I installed it again hoping it'll be ok this time and my internet connection disappeared!!!! No program nor browser could connect... So I had a nice time to reinstall Windows again..

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    There is a clean version of iMesh made by Dr. Damn.
    You can get it here.

    If you like it go ahead, but I really think that K-Lite K++ is A LOT better.

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    Thanks datamore , ill be trying that to. Imesh does install over 40 components of spyware but this looks good. I know kazaa lite is MUCH better but ill use them both. That way ill have more chance of finding what I want.

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    Sorry for having to post twice in a row but Ive just got imesh lite.... and its pretty good, much more pretty to look at plus I love the info you get.

    But dont worry, kazaa is still my favourtie

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    Imesh is all screwed up
    EVERY file you download is
    2.Different File
    3.Doesn't Work
    4.Fill with Porno Dialer
    and some programs to to get ip address for hacking

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