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Thread: Counter Strike

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    does anyone know any good map packs i can download? and where to put them after i download them. i hate waiting for games to download during the load

    thanks alot


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    Hey Wile,
    try Counter-Map

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    if you have steam you dont have to wait hella long just 30 sec

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    Originally posted by kaiweiler@12 February 2004 - 04:45
    Hey Wile,
    try Counter-Map

    The memories of the counter map forum

    That was my home before the klboard

    I left because of the n00b bashing their.

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    I have a friend who quit Counterstrike there because of new players being referred to as &#39;hackers&#39; just because they got a head shot on a player from behind...kinda sad actually.

    Now the only people left are the whiners.


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