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Thread: Watching Movies On Dvd Player From Kazaa

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    Does anybody know how I can watch the movies i download from kazaa on my dvd player that is connected to my television?? Can I do this without a dvd burner? PLEASE HELP! I am a newbie, so if somebody can tell me how to do this without sending me to a site, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

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    You need a DVD burner. Or a video card with TV capabilities, and the proper cording.
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    Well, if you just have a cd burner, you can make VCDs out of your downloaded movies. Most stand alone dvd players will play VCDs.

    For more info look around this site:

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    movies encoded in vcd/svcd mpeg format can be played on many dvd players (as long as they support cd-r playback).

    playing mpeg4 (avi/divx/xvid) is trickier, as there are only a few dvd player models which have recently come out that can play it. not even sure if they're available in the u.s. yet. and if you do get hold of one, it won't play divx 3.11 files (the vast majority of avi files are divx 3.11) because that format contained data illegally "appropriated" from microsoft.

    at the moment, if you want to view avi files on a television your most reliable option is to use a pc with a video card that has a tv-connection on it.

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    could anybody tell me how to downlod movies on this website

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    Quote Originally Posted by supercheez View Post
    could anybody tell me how to downlod movies on this website

    you cannot download movies from this website


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