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Thread: Cd-rw, Nonstop Power Calib. Errors

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    I'm attempting to burn anything with my CD-RW drive, but it won't do it. The problems first started to occur when I updated my Nero from 5.something to the new 6 version(s). Let me point out that I'm NOT trying to burn with Nero right now, I'm attempting to burn with VCDeasy. So, I don't think Nero is causing the problems (and I installed all the patches/updates anyway which were supposed to resolve errors like this). I have tried burning at all possible speeds (1x - 4x) so speed isn't the issue. I've tried many different types of media, and no luck. The errors started showing up gradually, with a 1/5 chance of showing up, and now its at a 100% fail rate (5 out of 5 times it won't burn, so all of the time ). Does anyone know how I can resolve this? Is it time to junk the burner? I can't post details about the brand of burner/model number because the drive is a generic device that came with the computer and "properties" reveals no info on the manufacturer.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Power calibration errors are normally down to either media incompatibilty or failing hardware, usually the latter. It's normally a good indication that your burner is on the way out.
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    Well like i said, I've tried many types of media, all fail.
    Oh well, looks like I'll have to upgrade my original stock 4x burner with a better (and much faster) one.

    Thanks for the reply


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