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Thread: Securely Access Computer Remotely

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    Hey, i'm looking for software that will allow me to monitor and access my computer remotely, (ie across the internet, btw i'm running WinXP). Does anyone have any suggestions?
    There are quite a few listed in various places (e.g. but i was wondering if anyone had personal experience or knowledge of a really good one.


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    tightvnc is pretty neat and secure if you have a fast connection it will let you view your desktop remotely.

    openssh is a very secure command line based way to remotely login to another computer. putty is an easy to use client to connect with.

    there is also the windows remote feature but i dont really trust M$ stuff that much so have never tried it.

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    Remote desktop.............built into xp.

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    cheers for tight vnc, I think that'll be my first attempt. the winxp built in thing is a bit crap


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