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Thread: Overnet Problems

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    As said on board d/l shadow @ but when i try running it all i get is "has caused an error and closes" then crashes my pc

    Anywhere else i get a no ads/spy free version

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    Plenty of links in the 'E-Donkey & E-Mule' forum above. Take ur pick. B)
    My Best Quality Movies My Live Concerts [url='[/url]

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    Theirs Overnet Lite, spyware free.
    P4 2.4C / 1024M / R9600XT 128M / 80GB / 400W
    Peer-to-peer Programs...

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    problem is solved

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    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!


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