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Thread: I Recently Had A Battle With Spyware...

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    This is what I face every time I try to check my email account.

    I have run adaware and search and destroy, and that seemed to fix my problems.

    The spyware was with that pop up ad that comes with Bittoroent 3.3 on the site.

    Ever since then Internet explorer hasn't been working quit right.

    I set my security to high at one point after... then i checked it again and it was set to custom. Since then I have set it to low, and high all with no luck being able to log in.

    I have since moved to monzilla, and can log in there. but I like IE and want to keep using it.

    It seems I am also getting more and more pop up ads when using IE.

    Any sugestions?

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    you might have some spyware that isn't in the detections for adaware or spybot yet.

    download hijack this scan and save a log. copy and paste the contents here. don't try to fix anything yourself until you get some advice though.

    good luck.


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