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Thread: Problems Opening The Files I Downloaded

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    The programs I downloaded will not open when I double click it. A black dos-like screen flahses for a second or two and then disappears. This is being done in WIN XP. When I transfer the same file to a WIN 98 computer, an error message saying "not a valid win32 application" comes up. This happens to all the software files I downloaded so far.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I seems to me that you actually have a DOS program, and can't get it to run.

    You can't run the DOS program in WinXP like you use to do in Win98.

    You need to go to the XP DOS prompt and run the program from there.

    I noticed that some kegen programs are written in DOS. When you try to open them in XP, all you see is a quick DOS looking screen flash in front of you, and it will disappear. This is due the the fact that the program has ended completely and XP will automatically shut it down. In Win98, the DOS program can end, yet stay in full view. Win98 doesn't shut down leftover Dos programs. Dos programs that do not disappear in XP, are actually still running until you end them, then XP will return to "XP' mode.

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    What type of files are because some files need to be renamed to be abled to be opend

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    I am a first timer. The program I d/l is .exe what should I rename it? Or what should I do? Thank You


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    download & install winzip or winrar. if the file is a .exe archive, right click and the menu will show Extract Files... Click this and then select a directory to extract the files to. if its not an archive, this will not work, and i cannot help. sorry

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    Thanks guys. Great team work! I'll try to put it on a blank CD and try it in my friends' WIN 98 system.


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