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Thread: Neverwinter Nights

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    Where can i find the download? I found a link once but it turned out to be a 1 hour trial so can someone tell me where i can find the real 1? OR does Bittorrent have it?

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    YOur best bet is prob gonna be using mIrc. Download mIrc (shareware) and buy it or get a s$rial from AstaLand or I can PM you one. Go to Suprnova or PacketNews and do a search.

    One other piece of advice: Mount and install the game using Alcohol 120%. This way
    1: If you get a bad copy, you haven't made a coaster. I wish I had done this!!
    2: NeverWinter Nights plays from the CD, and the virtual cdrom Alcohol provides is muuuuch faster than the real thing.

    If you need help with mirc, go here. It's fairly easy to use.

    Good luck.

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