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Thread: Bittorent

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    wat do i do when the download is complete? plz do not link me 2 a tutorial unless it is the only way for me 2 learn :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    Well what file is it a rar,exe,bin etc ?

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    If its a rar/tar file then use Winrar to unpack.
    Then you will have either the entire contents of the prog/app/movie or most likely an image of the prog/app etc either in the .nrg .ccd bin/cue format (ccd is the Clone CD image ext.). The easiest way to burn it to disk is to use Nero,iso,bin/cue). Start Nero and cancel any wizards, then choose (if its 6.***) recorder/burn image and browse to the image, (older versions of Nero) choose File/Burn image. Dont forget to read any nfo files (with notepad) for what's sometimes essential install information.

    You would really be better reading the guides on the forum for burning etc (for more detailed explanations of all stages/possible scenarios), theres loads.
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