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    When i downloaded solider of fortune 2 by ravengames(ravensoft) 184,902Kb
    I clicked on setup.exe it ran it and installed it but when i tried to look for sof2 on my system it wasent there? so i was wondering what did it install then if the game isnt here.
    So it might be a virus that my antivirus programs cant detect.
    so has any one had trouble with this fille b4?
    So what is the actual game that actually works?

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    create a new folder unzip it there and then prees setup. it should now install the game in that folder

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    Siras - if you want I can ISO my SoF2 CDs for you and send them to you somehow... and no I won't slap a virus on it lol. Check my profile for ways to contact me... if you want that game! I just finished playing it, it was pretty sweet !


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