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Thread: How To Delete

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    I downloaded a programe called sysreset, whenever i go2 ircspy or packetnews and click the links to a file, sysreset pops up as it is an irc prog. But it says filepath/the.big.bounce.rar (or whatever file im dling) is not available. And i know its only happened since i started using the prog, i cant delete it cos it doesnt appear in the add/remove tray and it doesnt have an uninstall option with it. Please can any1 help as i cant dl any files off irc now, hope u can help.

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    If you're trying to get rid of Sysreset, you can just delete the whole sysreset folder, since there's no uninstall option.

    It's usually on C:\, unless you've extracted it somewhere else.

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    i think it restart withe the startup proggy's
    check start > programs > start up
    and check the program folder in ur program files folder it might have uninstalling icon

    last choice is
    start > run > type "msconfig" without" " and then > startup and uncheck the proggy's box

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    Cheers 4 your help guys, i used advanced uninstaller pro, did the job. Thanks again though.

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    all you have to do is install sysreset to the mIRC default directory("C:\Program Files\mIRC) ( instead of mIRC that is)

    then it will function just like mIRC ( links clicked will open sysresest) but with the added function of sysreset ( file servers, server tracker and browser, etc.)


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