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Thread: Movies That Aren't What They Seem

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    B) I spent hours downloading a movie that was named as one title but (I couln't preview it for some reason), and then I found it was the wrong movie......the thing that really pishes me off is.......There were 6 users to download this file from?

    Is there somewhere on Kazza where I can flag this movie to say it's not the real thing.....luckily I found the real thing and wanted to let genuine file sharers aware of the file so they don't bother downloading the dud one.

    Personally, I don't see what some users get out of falsifying file names and puttting up dud movies to share....I mean why bother? They must be real loosers who have heaps of time to do nothing better.

    Get a life you dorks that falsify file title!s!!!!!

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    You can change the file description and put in a text like: FAKE - this is .....
    Before downloading, check if someone else has done this, and look at the filename, not just at the description, or even better:

    Use verified links in the future, and you won't have the problem. There are a lot of kids out there who think this is funny.
    You can't really blame the users who didn't rename or delete the files - they might just have finished downloading the stuff themselves and had no time to check it, or don't know what to do with it. Fakes spread fast if the file it is supposed to be is popular. I even found people renaming documents.

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    get avipreview from , all you got to do is download the first 3 or 4 mb of a movie and you can preview it with avipreview. If its a fake....fuck it off!


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    I kept the movie and added a notation in the file as you suggested.

    Thanks for the tip about avipreview I did use a preview programme but it wouldn't read the file

    I have downloaded the avipreview and tested it and it works like a charm thanks heaps


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