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Thread: Adobe Photoshop

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    how can i make an image file big, cause I tried with another image program but the image came out to ugly and blurry , like if i zoomed it....

    [B]It looked better small than it did one I raise the size.......

    how can i make a 14k image big without the ugly and blur?????

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    fkdup74's Avatar Pneuberator.
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    i do believe yur only gonna be able to resize so much before the distortion shows
    just the limits in digital images i guess
    you can wait for pol to post, hes pretty good with photoshop,
    but i think your pretty limited in upsizing photos
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    it all depends on the resolution of the pic, if u got a pic from the web which is limited to 72 dpi and small, there's no way to increase the size farther without loss of quality, otherwise pixelated.

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    Image-Image size
    Enhance the Resolution
    and the width and hight

    then goto Filters-sharpen


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