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Thread: Linux

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    If you get linux like umm mandrake or something, what windows programs can it run?
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Some can run on wine (horribly) but check my sig for program replacements

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    Lsa I'm looking to try aswell I found this site . BOY looks a little intimidating

    I'm running a winbox p4 . 2.0 gh But was givin a alpha 500a server with 512 mb ram and 8mg onboard cache with 8mb video card that someone told me would only run unix . It has 2 scusie drives both 9 gb. floppy, cd 24 speed, nec card ,some wierd zip drive. Thought great way to learn linux or such. I also have too older computers , P 200MX 128 ram 4 gb hard drives just sitting around collecting dust.

    Edit alpha specs It has more cards in it than i 'v every seen, controler cards i imagine

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    Originally posted by Keikan@12 February 2004 - 18:22
    If you get linux like umm mandrake or something, what windows programs can it run?
    The official wine home page is here

    To make a long story short, this is an updated list of all programs that have been proven to succefully run on the official wine windows emulator:

    Supported Wine Applications

    Wine Apps Databse

    There is also an application database in case you dont see something on the list your interested in running you can check the database above that has entries from linux users and not just the wine development team. Thoose apps may not be fully tested though.

    Mind you the first list of supported apps is not that long, that is why a lot of people opt for a third party wine binary like winex or codeweavers plugin. The third party wine apps generally cost money, but you can download them off almost any of the popular file sharing networks that you probably already use. To be honest most of the basic apps from windows should work like microsoft office I have ran with codeweavers crossover plugin, and I don't game but winex is supposed to be great for that. Just dont buy it, download it by p2p.

    Codeweavers Wine Version

    WineX for gamers


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