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Thread: Stepping Down.

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    Jan 2003
    After some consideration I have decided to step down as a moderator on the KL Board.

    Over the past few months, I have found that I just haven't been enjoying coming here at all. There is a lot of sniping, etc. that comes with the job and I accept that, but recently some fairly unpleasant stuff has been going on which severely limits the enjoyment I get from coming here - the various details are well documented around the board, so I'm not going to discuss them here.

    As a result, I think it is best that I step down and become a normal member again. I have a lot of commitments to my time just now (University, part-time work, hobbies, social life, etc) and to be frank I need to cut something out. As I'm not at all enjoying moderation of this board, I feel it's the logical choice to step down.

    I'll still be coming here as a member, (this isn't one of these melodramatic "I'm leaving the board because you're all horrible to me" posts ), but to be honest being a moderator here just isn't for me any more, so I'm going back to yellow stars now - which 7thElement is hopefully sorting out just now.



    PS - for those who are looking for some dirt (who do you think I am, Balamm?), you can find some here.

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    Originally posted by Lamsey@12 February 2004 - 23:55

    I'll still be coming here as a member

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    Mathea's Avatar The Blonde Alibi BT Rep: +5
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    Feb 2004
    Well, its sad ur steppin down, but at least ur staying....... I remember ur wit from way back when and I think it would be greatly missed by many.

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    wow, you don't need to step down to stop moding, look at bender he hasn't been here in a long time

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    why are you leaving, you were voted one of the best mods on the board,So sad but good luck as you are becoming a member like me. Can i be in position as a Mod?

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    bujub22's Avatar THE GREAT
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    Originally posted by Lamsey@12 February 2004 - 20:55

    PS - for those who are looking for some dirt (who do you think I am, Balamm?), you can find some here.

    but really bye lamsey see yah brow later!!
    u were a cool mod ,sorry your stepping down but it's good to get a change see yah when yah post



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    Agrajag's Avatar Just Lame
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    Well done, you have looked at your life and made a positive decision about it. You need to make changes and have the courage to do so and to explain your reasons for those changes. Few people have the self-awareness to do what you are doing. I hope to get to know you better as you stay here as a regular member. In my opinion you will enjoy yourself more, being free just to post where and what you want. Without the responsibility of being a mod.


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    Originally posted by ZeroTolerance@12 February 2004 - 18:01
    Can i be in position as a Mod?
    *looks up at ceiling* "oh please god no..."

    yeah lamsey doesn't make sense u get voted best mod and stepping down. but its good thatt you're acknowledging the need for more time in what matters, real life.

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    I'd just like to say, you made a good moderator and seemed reasonably fair and just. If doing it is holding you back from personal things, and not giving you pleasure anymore, its seems like a sensible move.
    Glad to hear you're sticking around though.

    Now clench you teeth, and take a beating like the next person.
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    Can't Mouse take over the job?

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