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Thread: Random Files In Playlists Showing As Not Available

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    Using 2.4.3

    This has been ongoing for months. Driving me nuts. Completed downloads that have been assigned to playlist are randomly showing as NOT AVAILABLE, REMOTE, NOT LOCAL......or whatever you wish to call it.

    Message: This file is currently not available on your local system. When you play it Kazaa++ will search for a remote copy and download it automatically.

    But the files ARE still local. I just have to keep going to ALL or AUDIO and re-adding to playlist time and time again. Every time I open Kazaa, it's done it again to different songs in various playlists.

    Please help.


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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    i think it is because WMP9 phones home
    see this topic.

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    if thats not it, then its because you are deleting the file in the process of creating a playlist some how

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    Thanks Vargas!

    In Windows Media Player 9 I went to Tools/Options/Media Library and UNchecked Update my music files (WMA and MP3 files) by retrieving missing media information from the internet.

    I'll let you all know if it works.

    Thanks again!


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