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    Not sure where i got this from, might have been here?. But have a look see, read the centre story, vely interlesting. (that's supposed to chinese)

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    Daaaaaam sounds good

    He wrote 780,000 pages in 18 months and he is only 16, must be one of those wiz kids that breaks into

    banks.I liked the bit where they said "We tried the speed on a 7 and it was so fast it crashed.

    I reakon once this is out on the market for sale he wont be needing that Harvard Education, he will

    probably own it

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    Good for him, the fucking nerd

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    Originally posted by FlamingYob@5 March 2003 - 12:53
    Good for him, the fucking nerd

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    Bill Gates is probably already making offers on the kid's soul.


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