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Thread: Help Deleting

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    DO NOT MOVE THIS TO SOFTWARE WORLD. It takes to damn long to get any replies but a friend has a stubborn .exe file on his desktop and it won't go away no matter what. Any Ideas?

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    It's probably running. Hit ctrl+alt+delete and look for a process with the same name as the .exe, then terminate the process and delete the file.

    This still belongs in SoftwareWorld though

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    This could be your first gesture as a normal member to request it being moved to Software World by PM'ing a Mod Lamsey


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    DO NOT MOVE THIS TO SOFTWARE WORLD. It takes to damn long to get any replies
    well its been a while and you've only had 2 here so good luck in softwareworld

    i suspect Lamsey is right tho'

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    if the above didnt work then try spybot

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    try a reboot and if that doesnt work reboot into safe mode then it'll delete

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    Sometimes you won't always see the process running, if so then simply download and install 'moveonboot' and you'll have an extra option in the file properties allowing you to delete the file on next boot, this program has never failed.

    And it's free
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    u can also share the folder the stubborn file in on kazaa. then go into my stuff, and delete it through kazaa. it works most of hte time


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