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Thread: Who Knows The Truth

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    Rod McLean was convicted of drug trafficking a few years ago. A Customs Officer was killed when he was arrested. He was sentenced to 28 years in prison, subsequently reduced to 21 years on appeal. A few months ago McLean was lowered from a catagory "A" prisoner to catagory "D". Effectively high risk to low risk. He was subsequently moved from a high security prison in Scotland to what is effectively an open prison in England. In one year 82 prisoners had "escaped". McLean simply walked out of this prison to freedom. It was reported in Scotland that McLean was an ex soldier, with many connection in Africa and was almost certainly an informant for the Police and for MI5. The Police were actively seeking McLean, assited by Customs, though it was feared that he had fled to South Africa where he has property. There were strong hints that he had been assisted in this.

    It has just been reported that Rod McLean was found dead in a bedsit in the south of England. The Metropolitan Police state that the post mortem shows he died of natural causes, a heart attack and that he has been positively identified by his fingerprints. They further report that the body was found 29 days ago, however they failed to notify Avon Police or Customs that McLean had been found. They refuse to comment on the reason behind this delay, even though other force were carrying out a major inquiry.

    You would refuse to make the movie as the story is too silly to be believable.

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    Another coverup like David Kelly. they think we're a'll stupid
    Man U fer eva


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