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Thread: 1/2 Disc Xvid/divx Movies?

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    This may well be a stupid question that has been explained before, but i was just wondering why some films are 1 disc and some are two disc versions. you never seem to get both versions of the same film, so why do some get made as one and not the other. it doesnt seem to be based soleley on the length of the film or the type of compression used, so why?

    cheers for any replies in advance
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    my guess wud that some film dont look that good when encoded to 1 disk, films with a lot action and movement in the scene dont encode to the same quality to size ratio as other films due to the nature of the encodin processes, look up lossi and lossless, although i dont think they are spelt correctly. or it cud just be as simple as the person who is doin the encodings preference

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    The big boys prefer AC3, 5.1 audio, which requires 2-discs or more. If you ever try to extract AC3, 5.1 from a DVD, it&#39;s usually between 300-800 MBs. 1-disc movies needs convertion to MP3 or OGG, which is just stereo (though there are some AC3, 2.0). You do the math with a bitrate calculator.

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    you will notice that the &#39;best&#39; movies will always be 2 cd&#39;s

    the quality is better when a DVD is ripped on 2 cd&#39;s but you can still see a quality difference if you compare it with the original DVD

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    well duh, you can see the quality diff, unless we ripp movies to 5-6 cds you will still see it

    btw, did u guess kno xvid is divx backwards


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