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Thread: Is 9 X 3 Really 27?

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    I'm an Even Steven with a
    9 x 3 = 27 ???

    9 x 3 = 27. Are you sure?

    There were three women sharing a house, and they agreed to divide all the
    expenses evenly. They each paid a third of the rent, a third of the
    telephone bill and a third of all the groceries.

    One day they decided to buy a television, and went down to the second-hand
    shop where there was an old black & white TV in the window for £30. They
    each handed over £10 and carried the TV away.

    As they left, the salesman went to his boss and said, "I just managed to
    get rid of that old TV in the window."

    "For how much?", replied the boss.

    "Thirty ponds.", said the salesman.

    "Oh, no. It's on sale for only £25. Catch up with them and give them their
    change.", ordered the boss.

    The salesman took five £1 coins out of the till and ran down the road. On
    the way, he thought to himself, "Well, these women split everything between
    them; how am I going to divide five £1 coins between three people?"

    He decided not to bother. He'd give them a £1 coin each and would pocket
    the other £2 for himself, who would ever know!

    He caught up with them and gave each of them a coin.

    Q.) How much did each of the women pay for the TV?
    A.) They paid £10 each and they each got £1 back, so that makes it £9.

    Q.) And what is three times nine?
    A.) Twenty-seven!

    Q.) How much did the salesman keep?
    A.) Two pounds

    Q.) And what is twenty-seven plus two?
    A.) Twenty-nine

    Q.) So where's the other pound??

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    I cant figure it out? This is making me mad, does anybody know the answer?
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    Heard it.

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    Originally posted by Virtualbody1234@13 February 2004 - 20:23
    Heard it.
    Then what&#39;s the answer??
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    Gosh i remember that one from my childhood, mind you back then it was a hotel bill between 3 sales reps. It&#39;s probably the best wierd arithmatic puzzel ever.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane

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    Its simple actually, just really confusing at first hehe. Ok, so the women each really payed 9 dollars each, making the total 27. The tv was only 25, so what you actually want to know is where the 2 pounds went, which the other guy has. Asking that question wrong convinces you that something is screwed up when really that question doesnt make any sense.

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    8.333333333333333333 x 3 = 25
    8 x 3 = 24
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    why r u adding 27+2

    The girls pay 30, original was 25. The sales man has to return 5 but he returns 3 to them. They pay 10 only not 9, but each one gets 1 pound back so it reduces
    30-1-1-1 = 27.
    Now, the salesman keeps 2 pounds, 27-2 = 25 which was the original price of the tv. Makes sense. I think the trick is that the question made you add 27+2.

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    Originally posted by TARPD@13 February 2004 - 17:36
    8.333333333333333333 x 3 = 25
    8 x 3 = 24
    Tsh, go back to school, you need more lessons
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