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Thread: Adobe Revenge

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    I have almost every Adobe product available (from KL) and have run into a strange problem. A few days ago I could not enter the Adobe website. I let it pass thinking the site was being revamped. Today my Writer and Distiller stopped working because the program could not find a valid serial number. I needed to view the PDF file so I went back to the Adobe site to DL Acrobat Reader and recieved the same message, "The page cannot be displayed". I tried to DL it from ZNet and TwoCows and the download links just went dead. I tested other non-Adobe links to DL from and these worked perfectly. Does anybody have any knowelege of Adobe adding scripts in perhaps updates that will prevent me from downloading anything of theirs and even preventing me from viewing their website? Or am I theorizing a conspiracy? Any light shed on this will be appreciated.

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    there is supposed to be some kind of adobe 'spyware' files with some peoples installations, but i have'nt heard of it causing anything like this..

    also adobe's d/l pages are working fine for me

    moved to softwareworld, good luck chibrad

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    Sorry for the hijack but I have another Adobe question.

    chibrad perhaps you could help me out. I downloaded photoshop 7 from KL. How do I load the software on my computer? Obviously I am sort of computer literate, sort of.

    Can you help?


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    @ our friend Chilbrad:

    d/l zone alarm pro, set it to net YOU config the things, not zone alarm, try to connect to the net, when a msg from adobe pops up saying "would u like to let 'soandso' access the net?" and that so and so is from adobe, or even LOOKS like adobe, BLOCK IT!

    whatever you do, do NOT block svchost.exe or the spooler subsystem:

    1) if svchost cant get to the net, neither can u!

    2)on occasion, if spoolersub (the print spooler subsystem) tries to access the net and ur not connected to the net, LET IT PASS! it is trying to access the USB and printer ports. if you dont, you could see a BSoD on the order of every minute. VERY ANNOYING!


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