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Thread: Bittorrent And Zone Alarm Pro

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    I've read that I should forward certain ports in my Zone Alarm Pro controls to get better upload and download speeds. How? I've looked it over and I can't figure it out. Please help.

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    no your confusing a router with a firewall
    as long as you allow bittorrent to acess the net your fine with za
    if you have xp make sure you turn off xp's firewall as you don't need two and zone alarm is plenty

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    ok, thnx

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    You should check this out if your having a problem with the yellow light in bittorent.

    If you have a D-Link router ( find out by typing your ip address in the address box of your browser and enter username as admin, no password) then check out my solution on page 2!
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    u know i think that there is a how too in the tips section


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