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Thread: Splitting Xvid

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    Doesnt anyone know any good xvid splitter? I have recently heard that sometime when you split a video file you get synchronisation problems.

    Does anyone know if there is a guide to convert xvid into svcd?

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    have u tried VirtualDub

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    Most synchronisation problems come from a BAD frame(s) if you have one then it will throw the rest out,watching and reading on here I see lots asking this question and of course getting the same answer(s) first check for bad frame(s).
    Heres a few sites I have which may assist you in your quest for a perfect movie : - VideoDud tutorial - repair avi's - Video-Fixer what it say's - Kazaa Corruption Fixer if you have downloaded it off of KaZaa. - tutorials - joiner and splitter programs - How to use Tmpgenc - about Mpegs and how to test bitstreams (file) -some plug-ins for Adobe Premiere (Avisynth) -Links about codecs what is Avi,Mpeg,ogg etc.... -For alot of downloads of audio and video tools.

    And of course what I call the super daddy for (s)vcd on one disc. - For a more compressed (s)vcd 1 disc - TMPGEnc templates optimized with KVCD parameters.

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    Thanx for the nice list

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    That is a good list, going to have to keep it for future references,

    I use either VirtualDub or a program called Easy Video Splitter, they both work great, just use Easy Video Splitter on a movie,
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    or convert to mpeg2(svcd) using to tmpgenc then split with tmpgenc..


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