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    can anyone tell me where can i find the full and original song list of linkin park meteora???????

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    hey i am not requesting the hashes or songs i am just asking the list of songs

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    hey i got the list B)

    Meteora Track List
    1. Foreword (Intro)
    2. Don't Stay
    3. Somewhere I Belong
    4. Lying From You
    5. Hit The Floor
    6. Easier To Run
    7. Faint
    8. Figure.09
    9. Breaking The Habit
    10. From The Inside
    11. Nobody's Listening
    12. Session
    13. Numb

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    Isn't Google great?

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    yes but search for meteora song list
    and this is what you get it still requires searching

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    I know I was just being sarcastic. For future reference though any of the big sites, like Amazon, are good places to get those types of lists.

    btw Did you notice the KazaaGold advert on your Google link?

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    Originally posted by dingoBaby@5 March 2003 - 15:09
    Isn't Google great?
    google is the current greatest search engine


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