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Thread: Help With Psreality Player

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    After searching the web for ages I've managed to get the playstation reality player to load on to my PS2 both straight from CD and from the memory card.

    The menu screen loads and I can go through all the options but, I can not get either a movie file (avi, divx), MP3 or JPEG to load up on my screen.

    When I go to the browser menu nothing appears

    Ive tried various different CD/DVD's with different files on it to work and Ive also tried 3 different versions of the reality player

    If anyone can point me in the right direction to get it to work it would be very much appreciated


    PS, im using a DMS3 chip with V 1.8 bios

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    last time im replying to my own topic, but can anyone help me?

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    From the forum, "you cannot boot the 1.50 using DMS3's booting. So you will have to burn and boot from CD."

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    What version PS2 do you have?
    How are you buring your media? i.e. are your burning as mode2 discs?
    Did you know you can stream from your PC direct to your PS2 using the PS2 network adapter?

    I've been using this since the first realease and its a great app.

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    yes, id heard that somewhere so i tried to do it from memory card and from a cd. the only method ive not tried is booting it from a cd that already has the film file on it (no swapping disks) but id rather burn my films to dvd than do this

    Its a version 6 PS2, ive been loading the cue file into deamon tools and then using the copy cd in nero. its simular to how i copy my games and they all work fine

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    maybe this site can help?


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