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Thread: Video Cards

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    Ok, I am ready to get a new video card now. I curently have a GeForce 440 MMX, with 1gb of RAM and my star wars galaxies game goes fast, not to much lag. I am hoping to get a good Nvidida Geforce card to make it go a little faster and increase performacen thats AFFORADABLE.. Lower then 150. Any ideas on cards?

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    Uh, look at big dawg's pinned topic,

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    My friend has star wars galaxies on his AMD 2200 and 512MB of ram and a ti4200 128MB.

    It always seems to lagg on his too with all the settings low, so I think that maybe the game just lag so much because theres so many people playing on the internet. Ive seen him play and has to click a bunch to open stuff up..i would fucking break the cd haha
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    Not too keen on nvidias, but you could go for a 5600. Best bet would be a radeon 9600/pro. These are good for virtually all current games and are overclockable too.

    edit - thread got reported so rather than *bump* this i'll just edit:

    Originally posted by adamp2p
    Uh, look at big dawg's pinned topic,
    i just noticed that thread and i think bigdawgfoxx has it pretty much covered
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